Tuesday, May 24, 2011

40 Day Blog Jog - Day 8 - The Memory Blog

Maybe I'm just quizzy, but I really love hearing about people's lives. I suppose that's what writers are - quizzy. And nosey. We eavesdrop, we use snippets of conversation in our books, we take the odd hairstyle from the old man on the bus and give it to one of our characters. We use memories of our own and adapt them to our stories. The true ones and the made up ones.

The Memory Blog I just love! It's right up there with my favourites. It's great reading. Sometimes I laugh, I've had tears in my eyes, sometimes I nod my head and sometimes I think 'nah, I don't have a memory like that.' But I always, always love reading Richard's memories. He talks about his family, school, friends, growing up. It's all great stuff.

Go here to read some very enjoyable stories: http://thememoryblog.com/


  1. I agree! I just can't help the writing antennae twitching when I'm in a group of people. Will go and visit the blogs you mention.

  2. I've just read your Blog, now off to follow too! I'll return!