Saturday, May 21, 2011

40 Day Blog Jog - Day 5 - Middle East Mosaic

Katherine Brown left her homeland to go and teach in the Middle East. This is what she says,
"Middle East is full of ex-pats. Each one has a story to tell. Every day is a challenge. The challenge is to find beauty in this monotone landscape of sand. I have learnt to find the beauty. I look at life differently now. I love it. I find it a joy. I consider myself blessed. This is part of my journey."

When I read her blog Middle East Mosaic, there's a part of me that feels that I am observing all this wonder from the top of a flying magic carpet. Katherine admits to loving the Middle East even though she doesn't always understand it. I love the stories of the children she teaches and I have become increasingly intrigued by the Middle East and its people. I've actually put it on my list of Places To Visit Before I Die.

Go see what Katherine's up to:

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