Saturday, May 7, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Wrap Up - Off To Africa

I loved doing the 30 Day Song Challenge. It was so much fun and brought back so many memories. I wish it was a 40 day song challenge.
Well - I am preparing for a trip to South Africa and what I've been listening to is Johnny Clegg and Savuka's Album - In My African Dream.
When the plane comes in over Johannesburg and I look out of the window, across the concrete jungle and swimming pools, I can feel from the core of the earth, a vibration that reaches to my spirit, and I know - no matter where I go and no matter for how long I am gone, when I return to Africa, I am returning Home.


  1. So I enjoyed listening to Johnny Clegg - everything looks exactly as I remembered it (when I attended one of his concerts). Continued playing some of his other songs and it did bring back the spirit of Africa as described by you in the blog. Almost feel a bit lost now that the 30 day challenge is over. You'll have to come up with something new to keep us entertained.

  2. I also feel a bit lost now that the 30 Day Music Challenge has come to an end. I'm having rather a hard time letting go...