Monday, May 30, 2011

40 Day Blog Jog - Day 13 - 5+4x4

No - this 5+4x4 is not a maths question. Thank heavens, because I don't do those!

This blog is about Fiona and Pieter van Aswegen and their 3 children; Mara, Archie and Euan, a South African family living in Scotland, taking a year off to go travelling in their 4x4 from Scotland to South Africa via France, Cairo, Sudan, other strange and dodgy destinations, all by car, with kids getting nits, malaria, gastro and then of course washing clothes in a tiny bucket, trading bicycles for accommodation, home schooling and keeping everyone happy is all part of this extraordinary journey.

I can't help but admire them - I struggle to go away with my kids for a weekend to Legoland.
This takes some doing!

5+4x4 is a very interesting read indeed.

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