Thursday, April 28, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 22 - A Song That I Listen To When I'm Sad

Heavy Metal bands are really not my thing. This is what I mostly think of them: they scream and shout, there's no proper tune or beat, you can't hear what they're singing and often they look scary and so angry!

There is one exception for me. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.

My eldest son, Zane introduced me to this song. He bought the cd and came home, wanting to share it with me. Of course, I was reluctant, expecting head-banging-guitar-bashing-bad-shouting music. Nothing Else Matters is different. It was one of Zane's favourite songs and one I grew to really like.

He died at a very young age. I listen to this song often. I miss him and sometimes this is how I feel: my son is dead and it's like nothing else matters.

In Loving Memory of my son Zane. 27 August 1987 - 9 November 2007.

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  1. Awh, it made me feel sad too. My heart ached.